Who we are

Meet the owners’ family

Casa Massaro Todeschini owes its name to the noble Todeschini family, which had this building built in the 18th century. 

That old farm is now renovated and turned into a beautiful guesthouse by Roberto, Lorella and their daughters Giulia and Ilaria who have always worked in the hospitality sector.


Reservations & Reception Manager.

Ask Giulia: health and wellness, thermal baths and spas. There is always a prompt answer to satisfy your desire for well-being and relaxation!

Services & comfort


Reservations & Reception Manager.

Ask Ilaria: art, music, performances and events. This land doesn’t only offer monuments and museums, but lots of entertainment and fun!



Housekeeping & hospitality manager.

Ask Lorella: cooking and gardening are her passion! Ask her for any advice about preparing a typical Veneto dish obviously adding herbs from our garden!

Meal is ready


Structure & maintenance manager.

Ask Roberto: territory and oenology. You’ll enjoy listening to his stories that will make you know this land and its special products.


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