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There are places rich in history and places that have made history

One such place is Casa Massaro Todeschini, a charming historic 18th century farmhouse that was restored in a traditional country style with a modern and essential touch.

Our guest house is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills in Abano Terme and it offers 12 incredibly charming apartments, equipped with every comfort and inspired by a green philosophy.

The house location will allow you to enjoy the perfect relaxation in our private gardens with a swimming pool or you can discover suggestive itineraries rich in history, natural sites and local food and wine.

It’s the perfect place to spend your next holiday!

Dear guest…

My name is Giulia,

and I am in charge of the reception at Casa Massaro Todeschini.
My family and I look forward to welcoming you and making your stay unforgettable!

For any information, please call
+39 351 775 6591
or write us at

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Several good reasons for choosing Casa Massaro Todeschini

Casa Massaro Todeschini guarantees an experience of comfort and relaxation to give you a wellness holiday.

  • account_balance Completely restored structure
  • waves Swimming pool with solarium
  • local_parking Free car park
  • wifi Free Wi-Fi
  • flag Fantastic location
  • eco Green philosophy

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At your arrival

Before your arrival, we will send you an email or a WhatsApp message with all your check-in information what you will need to access the facility on your own. But, if you prefer, our staff will accompany you to your apartment and give you some information regarding your stay.

Inside the apartment, you will find information on the structure, the services we offer and the surrounding area.


The apartments of Casa Massaro Todeschini combine elements of traditional construction, including larch wood and natural trachyte stone in the walls, with a minimal and modern touch.

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The most requested

Colombara [Dovecote]


40 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
The Colombara is the only apartment located on the second floor and attic. The Colombara takes its...
The most requested

Pomogranà [Pomegranate]

Apartment with pool view

34 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
The word comes from Venetian, meaning “pomegranate”. The pomegranate tree, originating in Asian...

Saresa [Cherry]

Apartment with garden view

37 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
In Italy, we think cherries are addictive, as well as good things; that is why, once you will have...

Zizolara [The jujube plant]

Apartment with garden view

35 m2 3 guests
  • ac_unit
Zizolara is a typical plant of the Euganean Hills and it has been cultivated in Arquà Petrarca for...

Armellin [The apricot]

Apartment with private terrace

50 m2 4 guests
  • deck
The word Armellin, which means “apricot” in the Veneto dialect, recalls the origins of the...

Persego [The peach]

Apartment with garden view

30 m2 4 guests
  • wifi
In the Veneto region, the peach is called “persego”, the word clearly deriving from Persia,...

Granaro [The granary]

55 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
On the second floor of our guest house, the quality of...

Pajon [The mattress]

45 m2 4 guests
  • nature
High ceilings and stone details to accompany a...
The most requested

Scuderia [The Stable]

Apartment with pool view

40 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
The stables were once annexed to royal lodgings, such as villas and palaces, and they were...
The most requested

Teza [The barn]

Apartment with pool view

39 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
The Teza apartment is located on the first floor of Casa Massaro...

Caneva [The cellar]

Apartment with a garden view

41 m2 4 guests
  • ac_unit
Caneva comes from the Veneto word, that means “cellar”. A wine cellar was a must-have...
The most requested

Tinello [The dining-room]

Apartment with a garden view

47 m2 4 guests
  • panorama
The “tinello”, which was a sort of dining-room, was even mentioned in “The Betrothed”, the...